ISO9000 is a series of standards on quality management system International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issued. To implement its corporate quality policy must establish effective operation of the quality system, through the quality of the ring analysis to identify the technical, managerial and human factors that affect product / service, and make the established quality system is always in controlled state to reduce, eliminate or prevent quality defects, guaranteed to meet customers' needs and expectations. The series of standards from the perspective of standardization and versatility reflects the ideas and principles of total quality management, represents the most advanced modern quality management thinking.ISO9000 certification has internal and external two advantages: can strengthen internal management, improve the quality of personnel and corporate culture; external enhance corporate image and market share. Details are as follows:
First, strengthening quality management, improve enterprise efficiency; enhance customer confidence, expand market share
Responsible for the certification of ISO9000 quality system certification bodies are the national accreditation body recognized authority on corporate quality system audit is very strict. Thus, for the enterprise, it can be scrutinized in accordance with international standard quality system for quality management, thereby achieving the rule of law, scientific requirements, greatly improve work efficiency and product qualification rate, rapid increase in economic efficiency of enterprises and social benefits. For outside the enterprise, when customers learned that the supplier be managed in accordance with international standards, to get the ISO9000 quality system certification, and there are strict audit and regular monitoring of certification bodies, they can be sure that the company is able to consistently provide qualified products or services to safely enter into supply contracts with companies to expand their market share. We can say that in these two areas have received immediate effect.
Second, get a green card in international trade - "pass" to eliminate barriers to international trade
Many countries in order to protect their own interests, set all sorts of barriers, including tariff and non-tariff barriers. Non-tariff barriers which are mainly technical barriers, technical barriers, and mainly product quality certification and ISO9000 quality system certification barriers. In particular, the "WTO" mutually exclusive tariff barriers among member states, can only be set technical barriers, therefore, is the main way to get certified to eliminate trade barriers. After China's "WTO" lost distinguish between domestic and international trade in the strict boundaries of all trade barriers are likely to encounter these technologies, which should attract the business community attaches great importance to early prevention.
Third, saving energy and cost audits second party
In modern business practice, has long been the practice of the second party audit, and gradually found its existence is a serious shortcoming: an organization usually available for many customers, the second party audit organization will no doubt bring a heavy burden; another On the one hand, customers also need to pay a substantial fee, but also consider the experience and level of questions sent or servants, otherwise spent costs are expected to reach the goal. ISO9000 certification can only exclude such drawbacks. Because, as the first party to apply a third-party certification and obtained ISO9000 certification in the future, many second party would not be necessary for first-party audit, so whether it is a first party or second party can save a lot of effort or expense. Also, if the business after obtaining the ISO9000 certification, and then apply for UL, CE and other product quality certification, certification bodies can also be exempted from the enterprise quality management system certification duplicate expenses.
Fourth, competition in product quality and remain invincible
The main means of international trade competition is price competition and quality competition. Due to low sales approach not only makes profits dropped, if it constitutes dumping, will be subject to trade sanctions, so the price competition means more and more desirable. Since the 1970s, the quality of competition has become the primary means of international trade competition, many countries to improve the quality of imported goods into the requirements of important measures to limit Award as the trade protectionism. Implementation of ISO9000 international standard quality management, improve product quality can be stabilized, so that enterprises in product quality competition and remain invincible.
V. beneficial economic cooperation and technical exchanges between international
In accordance with international economic cooperation and technical exchanges practices, quality of cooperation must have a common language in the product (including service), unified understanding and co-defensive norms in order to carry out cooperation and exchanges. ISO9000 quality management system certification provides just such a trust is conducive to rapid agreement on both sides.
Sixth, strengthen internal management, stable business operations, reduce technical or quality fluctuations caused by employees resign.
Seven, improving corporate image.