CB Certification

1, CB Certification Overview
          IECEE-CB system is the International Electrotechnical Committee for Conformity Assessment Agency 's most successful operation of IEC electrical products multilateral mutual recognition of conformity assessment system , there are currently 53 member countries ( Argentina, Australia , Austria, Bahrain , Belarus, Belgium, Brazil , Bulgaria, Canada, China , Colombia, Croatia , Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland , France, Germany, Greece , Hungary, India, Indonesia , Ireland, Israel, Italy , Japan, Kenya , Korea , Libya, Malaysia , Mexico, Netherlands , New Zealand, Norway , Pakistan, Poland, Portugal , Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore , Slovakia, Slovenia , South Africa, Spain, Sweden , Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey , Ukraine, United Arab Emirates , United Kingdom, United States ) and more than 60 countries participated in the CB certification bodies system , designed to provide " a test, a certificate" conformity assessment mode to reduce technical barriers to trade . Mutual recognition among members of the CB test reports and certificates, and as a basis for obtaining national certification .

   2 , to obtain the benefits of CB Test Certificate and Report
( 1 ) Conversion of foreign certification , such as VDE, GS, CU, SASO, Australia RCM certification mark
( 2 ) to China CCC certification or voluntary certification
( 3 ) directly recognized in many countries , such as Southeast Asian countries recognized