SONCAP Certification

SONCAP Introduction

SONCAP certification Nigerian National Bureau of Standards (Standard Organization of Nigeria, SON) is responsible for the formulation and implementation in Nigeria imported goods and domestically manufactured product quality standards government agencies.
In order to ensure compliance with regulated products in the country has allowed the implementation of technical standards or other international standards to protect Nigerian consumers from unsafe or non-compliant products damage the product, the Nigerian National Bureau of Standards to determine the country's export control product implementation mandatory conformity assessment procedures prior to shipment (hereinafter referred to as SONCAP).


Products covered range:
1. All electrical and electronic products that could be used by members of the public whether in their homes or otherwise eg in residential, office, retail, leisure etc environments. Examples include, but are not limited to, household appliances, IT products, communication products, lighting products, audio-visual products
2. Motor vehicle tyres
3. Automotive glass
4. Vehicle spare parts
5. Motor vehicle batteries
6. Gas Appliances
7. Toys
8. Certain galvanised steel products
9. Food and Food Products

SONCAP consists of two phases
Two-stage process
1, Product Certification
2,  SONCAP compulsory certification.