SAA Certification

SAA standards introduced
 Australia's standards "AS" at the beginning , Australia and New Zealand joint standard with "AS / NZS" at the beginning . Standards Australia and New Zealand standards consistent with the IEC, there are some differences between countries at the same time . Australia and New Zealand to implement uniform standards and mutual recognition of certification , certified products as long as a country can be in another country after the sale .
Certification / oversight bodies :
Australia is a federal state , electrical safety and energy requirements of the certification , control and management by individual states or regional control department (RegulatoryAuthority) conducted in accordance with state / regional certification program . Any certificate issued by a state equally effective in other states / territories , without any additional formalities. In addition , SAA wholly owned subsidiary QAS standards bodies (QualityAssuranceServicesPtyLtd.) is Australia's NCB (NationalCertificationBody), which also issued a certificate to recognize each state or territory has the same effect .
Product Safety Certification
Australia is no uniform safety certification mark , the individual states or territories have provisions of the management of electrical products in the form of legislation. Although the name and date of promulgation of the different, the content of each State or Territory legislation on electrical safety are basically the same . Electrical products are divided into categories of electrical control (prescribedproduct) and non- regulated products (Non-prescribedproduct).
 According AS/NZS4417.2 control class electrical products division , including electric equipment, refrigeration equipment , electric tools , spare parts and so on. Directory on the Government Gazette , and increased according to the actual situation. Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, the most active in the certification process . In Queensland, for example, the Electricity Act (theelectricityAct1994) announced the detailed provisions electrical certification , sale and use.
1, the control class appliances: electrical control class must be made mandatory by the monitoring department issued a certificate (certificateofapproval), and provides identification ( certificate number must be marked ) . It should be noted that the certification process , not only for the safety or quality of performance , unless related to security.