A-TICK Certification

A-Tick is by the Australian Communications Authority (Australian Communications Authority, referred to as the ACA) issued to telecommunications equipment certification mark.

1 , manufacturers and imports must be more steps to use A-Tick according to the following :

( A ) , the implementation of technical standards test ACAQ
(B ) to ACA registered to use A-Tick
( Three ) , fill in the " Statement of Compliance Form " (Declaration of Conformity Form), and products comply with record keeping
( Four ) , the communication products or equipment affixed with A-Tick mark identification (label)
( Five ) , sales to consumers

2, A-tick telecommunications equipment requirements

According to section 21 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 in Australia by the Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA is responsible for the technical management of consumer telecommunications equipment and consumer connections. ACMA introduced to this end based on product labels and comply with the relevant technical standards of self-management system , the telecommunications system in accordance with Bulletin 2001 to implement the label .
    The main objective is to ensure compliance with the requirements of such products comply with the relevant technical standards and requirements of the regulatory authorities before providing or connected to telecommunications networks have been appropriate logo. Technical standards related to the health and safety of users and operating personnel on the integration of telecommunications networks , providing interconnection availability of standard telephone services and telecommunications networks to achieve emergency call service .
    Australian manufacturers and importers or their authorized agents must be labeled A-tick labels on the label specified in the notice or do not meet the product label .
    In general, any consumer devices and connections on the ability to connect consumers to the operator or operators of public telecommunications network service providers are all labels defined in the announcement of telecommunications products, such as :
Answering Machine
Mobile telephone
Fax machine
Telephone ( including cordless phones )
(1) A-Tick only applies to communications products, electronic products , mostly to apply C-Tick, but the electronics if the application A-Tick, you do not need to apply separately for C-Tick.