PSE Certification

Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law of Japan for the electrical products are divided into compulsory ( prescriptive ) certified products ( 115 kinds of products specified ), using diamond logo certification and non-mandatory ( non -earmarked ) certified products , using a circular PSE mark "certification "that is self- declaration of conformity (DOC) of PSE certification.

Currently , the Japanese government in accordance with the Japanese "Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law" stipulates that the electrical supplies into " specific electrical supplies " and "non -specific electrical supplies ", where " certain electrical appliances ," including 115 kinds of products ; " non-specific electrical supplies ." including 339 kinds of products.
Large electrical products market in Japan , Japanese consumers the safety of electrical products very seriously. From April 1, 2001 , the Japanese " Electrical Products Control Act (DENTORI)" officially renamed the " Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (DENAE)", consistent use of PSE mark , and to strengthen penalties against importers . PSE including EMC and safety requirements of the two parts . PSE certification mode : Type test + initial factory inspection + supervision after inspection . (PSE round factory inspection certification is not required . )

Specific electrical supplies:
Where are the product " specific electrical supplies " in the directory , enter the Japanese market must be authorized by METI third-party certification bodies , to obtain a certificate of authentication , and a diamond PSE logo on the label.
Non- specific electrical supplies:
 "Specific electrical appliances " outside electrical supplies are " non-specific electrical supplies ." To enter the Japanese market, " non-specific electrical supplies ," self- declaration by the enterprise mode of expression in line with electrical safety law requires . According DENAN law , the manufacturer is obliged to save the test results and proof , there must be rounded PSE logo on the label.