CQC Certification

1, Product Introduction CQC mark certification
China Quality Certification Center CQC certification for products other than the mandatory category , launched a voluntary product certification business ( called CQC mark certification ) to the way Gasch CQC mark indicates that the product meets the relevant quality, safety, environmental protection , and performance standards certification covering more than 500 kinds of products. Designed to protect personal and property safety of consumers , safeguarding the interests of consumers ; improve the quality of products of domestic enterprises , and enhance products in the international market competitiveness ; also makes products to foreign companies better access to the domestic market.
2, CQC Mark Certification Application Guide
1 , submit a new application
Currently China Quality Certification Center CQC mark certification application is accepted (mainly web -based online ) through a network of online and written in two ways ; need to register on the site when the user www.cqc.com.cn online application ( the first time) , become legitimate users. When registering, the user needs to fill in information, application information filled again after this can simplify ; After successful registration, the network will automatically provide the required certification documents relating to openness applicant , the application guide, additional data and information .
Completing the application form can be applied for under the circumstances during application :
. 1 CQC mark certification is based on the need to choose Chinese and English versions , and therefore need to use the correct Simplified Chinese , English completing the application form ; while domestic applicants need certification in English , Chinese, overseas applicants need certification requirements apply people accurate translation of content.
2 . Applicants apply for CCC + CB or CQC + when CB, just select the CQC CCC network or CQC + CB + CB to submit two applications simultaneously . CB should pay attention to fill in when applying for accurate English translation of information .
3 Please read carefully the principles and guidelines for dividing cells of various products to ensure product specifications when applying for multiple models in one application, the application of these models for the same unit .
4 In one application, a model specification products with multiple trademarks or more model specifications product with multiple marks, should be taken to ensure that these are registered trademark or trademark holder authorized .
5 In applying for multifunction products , in order to determine the type of product testing standards should be the main features of the product to determine .
6 initial application : Because the initial application for review of the need for the plant , and therefore should fill out an application and select the "first application" in the remarks column indicate the need for " initial factory inspection " in the hope factory inspection .
7 again apply : apply depending on whether the product category once again the need for factory inspection , should fill out the application form if you need to select " apply again " , fill in the appropriate number in the factory number column.
When changes need to return the original certificate application is certified on the basis of the product change, so should complete the application form to fill in the original certificate number , obtain a new certificate : 8 Change Request .
9 apply for derivative products : Products derived products and have been certified for the same family , the same security unit of the product .
Note the difference when completing the application form to fill in the remarks column is particularly important with the original product , which can help determine the need for sample delivery for type testing . Applicants fill out the application information , the manufacturer , the manufacturer should fill in the name of the corporate name , should fill in the personal name.
For the written application , the China Quality Certification Center CQC received a written application submitted by the applicant
After applying the appropriate information ( manufacturer + product ) entry to the CQC website and inform the applicant of the user name and password , and electronic versions of openness about online certification documents, application guidelines, other information and information into the paper fax or other media notification to the applicant. Applicants fill out a written application CQC should also pay attention to these issues.
2 , the acceptance of new applications
After applicants fill out the application information , depending on the product category , it will be appropriate product certification engineer offices accepted, the application will be given a unique application number , it means that China Quality Certification Center formally accepted the application , certified before the application , the applicant should be timely, regular access to check the application within its own user code, we can see that all of the information and process the application. The applicant submitted a written application , product certification engineer after acceptance, application number will notify the applicant accordingly . The new application is the only application number , the product will be sent to the applicant by certified network engineers in the applicant's registered users of the application of a "product evaluation activities planned " This includes from filing to
3 , the entire process of the certified application process circumstances :
1 Information to be submitted for certification ( applicant , manufacturer , product and other relevant information ) ;
(2) the type and number of test samples required for certification provided and sent to the testing organization ;
3 certification bodies for data review and cell division working hours ;
4 sample testing based on criteria , the expected detection cycle ;
5 is expected to arrange the initial factory inspection, review the light of day according to the number of people required to develop plant -scale factories .
6 sample test version of the report and certification of conformity assessment working hours ;
7 Estimated cost of certification : application , approval and registration fees , test fees ( including machine testing, random testing safety components ) , factory inspection .
4 Notes
Multiple 1 Model specifications apply , shall be provided for each model specification product differentiation instructions should be representative prototype models to cover all of the model specifications to avoid sending duplicate sample models ;
(2) the need for randomized trials when the machine and components , in addition to the need to provide components outside the machine technical information and samples ;
3 illustrate the differences derived product application specifications of the product models and prototypes should be provided between the experimental prototype test data provided when necessary .
4 overseas plants require initial inspection of the factory , you should fill out the " unconventional factory inspection table " to provide a product description, the product description has been laboratory confirmed , factory inspection can be carried out in the type test phase.
5 Change Change Request shall return the application form along with the original certificate .
Laboratory acceptance prototype, prototype after acceptance , the applicant should obtain "qualified samples received sample receipt" in order to test whether the extended period of inquiry ; If the prototype does not meet the requirements of the laboratory "Sample Issues Report " issued to the applicant . After sending samples to replenish the applicant for rectification after acceptance to applicants ' income sample receipt . "
Certified engineers receiving the application data sent and, after passing the examination , and to be informed after the samples have been sent to designated laboratories , inspection tasks assigned to the laboratory . Prototype testing cycle into the countdown stage . Prototype during the testing process, if the rectification of the defective items may appear , laboratory fill out the " product testing rectification notice" , describing the facts failed to determine the time limit for rectification , and also issued a " corrective measures product feedback form" to the applicant by the applicant in the implementation of corrective measures to fill in and return to the testing organization. Rectification laboratory samples submitted by the applicant , the relevant documentation and completed " corrective measures product feedback form " for verification and validation , and the original failed projects and related projects be retested . After re-examination qualified testing agency to continue testing. Only when all the unqualified term corrective qualified testing cycle before re- starts. Applicants should visit the Web site www.cqc.com.cn timely application of learned information process. Applicants should cooperate with certified engineers and timely submit the required certification information and samples, the application process should encounter problems and certification engineer , writing the application, certified engineers the information mentioned above will be converted into paper surface in the form of a fax or other media notification to the applicant ....