UL Certification

English Underwriters Laboratories UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) Shorthand .
UL safety test of America's most authoritative , but also in security testing and identification of the boundaries of large private institutions . It is an independent , non-profit , do testing for public safety professional organizations . It uses scientific methods to study the test to determine the extent of a variety of materials , devices, products , equipment, and construction of life , property damage and whether hazards ; determine , write, issue the appropriate standards and help reduce and prevent life property losses of data , while carrying out the facts research business .
In short , it is primarily engaged in operating and safety certification and product safety certification business, the ultimate goal is to get the product to the market with considerable safety standards , guaranteed to make personal contributions to health and property safety . Product safety certification as an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade , UL, to promote the development of international trade also played an active role.

UL was founded in 1894 , the initial phase of the action in maintaining UL main fire financed by the insurance sector , until 1916 , UL was completely independent. After nearly a century of development , UL has become a world -known certification body , has its own set of strict management system of the organization , standards development and product certification programs. UL by a Council to manage security experts, government officials , consumers , education , utilities , insurance and standards department composed of representatives of the daily work of the president, vice president handling . Currently , UL has five laboratories in the United States , headquartered in Northbrook town north of Chicago , and set up a corresponding laboratory in Taiwan and Hong Kong , the United States, is a symbol for consumers UL safety mark . Global , UL is one of the most trusted manufacturers conformity assessment providers.