FDA Certification

Products have FDA approval, is the product into the U.S. market "pass." Only FDA approved products to enter the European and American markets. The product itself, to get FDA approval, can not only improve brand influence the product, but also greatly expand the product in the international market share.


FDA certification scope
For all direct contact with food and beverages , or direct contact with human tongue containers, materials, etc. , must pass FDA standards , testing and certification , in order to enter the U.S. market.
1 FDA testing and certification of food packaging materials
Paper, plastic film, metal foil plastic
2 glass ceramic products FDA testing and certification
Various types of glass ceramic pots, bowls, plates , spoons, pots, cups, bottles, pots and other products
3 FDA food-grade plastic products testing and certification
Direct contact with the food or the plastic material entrance , including: nylon , ABS, ACRY, PU, PE, PC, PVC, PP, PR, PET, PO, PS, PSU, POM, PPS, EVA, SAN, SMM, EVA, BS, MEL, COPP, KRAT, ACRY etc.
4 . Coatings FDA testing and certification
Wax coated on the surface of the food contact copolymers , PVC coatings, powder coatings, inks and the like.
5 . Plumbing hardware FDA testing and certification of products
And drinking water, faucet water contact , pipes, containers , valves , water heaters , etc.
6 rubber resin FDA testing and certification of products
7 sealant FDA testing and certification
8 . Chemical additives FDA testing and certification
Pigments, preservatives , antioxidants , surfactants and the like
9 , food
10 , the medical device
11 , drug
12 , food additives
13 , drinks
14 , with food-related materials.