ASTM Certification

ASTM predecessor of the International Society for Testing Materials (International Association for Testing Materials, IATM).
1880s , to address the comments and disagreements buyers and suppliers in the purchase and sale of industrial processes to produce the material , it was proposed to establish technical committee system , the Technical Committee composed of representatives of all aspects of the organization to participate in technical seminars , discussions to resolve the material specification , test procedures and other aspects of contentious issues .
ASTM is one of America's oldest and largest nonprofit academic standards bodies . After a century of development , ASTM existing 33,669 ( individual and group ) members , of which there are 22,396 members of the main committee as a technical expert working in its various committees. ASTM technical committees under total of 2004 Technical Sub-Committee . There are 105,817 units participated in the ASTM standards development work , the main task is to develop the characteristics and performance standards , test methods and procedures standard materials, products , systems, and services sectors and promote the development and promotion of knowledge .

1 ASTM standard classification

ASTM standards of the following six types.
( 1 ) Standard Test Method (Standard Test Method) it is for the identification, detection and evaluation of material , product, system or service quality , characteristics and parameters and other indicators and the use of prescribed procedures .
( 2 ) Standard Specification (Standard Specification) of its materials, products , systems, or project technical requirements and gives specific instructions , but also to meet the technical requirements of the proposed procedure should be used .
( 3 ) Standard Practice (Standard Practice) it has one or more particular description given operation or function , the process does not produce results .
( 4 ) Standard Terminology (Standard Terminology) describe or define its terms , symbols , abbreviations, Acronyms explained.
( 5 ) Standard Guide (Standard Guide) it has a series of selection or usage is explained , but does not describe the specific implementation methods.
( 6 ) standard classification (Class.fication) it according to their origin , composition, performance, or use of materials, products, systems, or to distinguish and classify specific services