FCC Certification

FCC is FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONCOMMISSION ( Federal Communications Commission ) for short. FCC certification is on electromagnetic compatibility testing and certification , the U.S. FCC operating frequency for electromagnetic interference 9KHZ more electronic products are generated by the control . Electrical and electronic products sold in the United States , the need to apply for FCC certification and labeling FCC label .
FCC Certification There are three main ways :

Mainly for products
Self- verification
AV products , corded telephones, common household appliances , commercial PC, industrial consumers FCCRulePart18 non- public use , scientific and medical equipment ;

Declaration of Conformity
Home computer and peripherals,
Civilian radio receiver,
FCCRulePart15 other receivers,
TV interface devices,
Industrial cable system terminal devices and Part18 mass consumer use , scientific and medical equipment ;

Low- power transmitters such as cordless phones, automatic door remote control, radio-controlled toys and security alarm systems,
Part15 of intentional radiate radio frequency energy equipment,
Industrial Part18 mass consumer use , scientific and medical equipment , automatic frequency receiver and super-regenerative receiver, the TV interface devices, and home computers and peripherals ;