GS Certification

1. Certification Overview
         VDE is the German national product logo is well-known in the field of electrical equipment certification mark, especially in the electrical components (such as circuit breakers, electromagnetic switches, wire / cable, plug ... etc), but many manufacturers are generally used to represent a symbol of quality applications .

GS certification is based on the German Product Safety Act, in accordance with EU harmonized standards EN or DIN German industrial standard for testing a voluntary certification is recognized in Europe German safety certification mark.
    2 Get VDE, GS certification benefits
l widely recognized in the international market
l get more valuable buyer ages
l increase sales
l provide further ensure product quality, safety and protection
l increase in brand value
l reduce business risk

BST can provide the following product testing and certification services Application Service
No. Product category names  Product examples 
1 Motors, compressors  Air conditioning / refrigerator compressors, motors, etc. 
2 Household appliances and similar equipment  Air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, fans, microwave ovens, water heaters, etc. 
3 Installation accessories and connection devices  Plugs and sockets, switches, appliance couplers, etc. 
4 Switches for appliances and automatic controls  Appliance switches, thermostats, protectors, timers, etc. 
5 Wire and Cable  Various types of wire and cable 
6 Electromagnetic Compatibility  EMC 
7 Security equipment  Miniature fuses Fuse Fuse subminiature fuses tubular fuse holders and other small tubular 
8 Lighting Products  Various types of lamps, ballasts, transformers, etc. 
9 Capacitors  AC run capacitor, X capacitor, Y capacitors 
10 Information technology (IT) and office equipment  Computers, displays, etc. 
11 Transformers and similar equipment  Transformers, power adapter, etc. 
12 Instrumentation  Measuring instruments, laboratory equipment 
13 Electronic Entertainment (AV) equipment  TV, stereo, DVD, VCD, tape recorders, audio amplifiers, etc. 
14 Chemical analysis Such as RoHS, PAHs, etc.