Company Overview

ShenZhen BST Technology Co.,LTD.  establish in 2003,is an authoritative third-party certification testing organization. Organization has been committed to the establishment of industrial and consumer product testing, inspection and certification services, covering a wide variety of national and international authorities in the approval and authorization achieved in the industry performed well and widely praised. In line with China's accession to the WTO, import and export commodity inspection requirements, Headquarters is located in shenzhen nanshan,AIU Shanghai Branch、Dongguan Branch、Ningbo Branch、Zhongshan branch,with two laboratory Authorized by the CNAS(Shenzhen L3574 and Dongguan L5034 ), dedicated to the region up throughout China's manufacturing services provides a full range of professional certification . The completion of product testing center, marking the BST's professional services will further be extended to all parts of China. With the company's expansion and growing strength of the current product testing services have been covered by information technology, audio and video, electrical and mechanical (mechanical), household appliances, toys, chemicals, medical devices, construction products, personal protective equipment, patents and other categories. We will be the best team and the most advanced testing equipment, to provide fast, comprehensive, reliable and quality service.

Since its establishment in 2003, this tyears we have carried out several products related to testing and certification standards. Today, already have strong professional technical experts, our engineers with years of professional knowledge and rich experience for Chinese enterprises to open national markets to work

   We are strictly in accordance with UL2716, ISO / IEC 17025. GUIDE 25 and EN45001 standard laboratory management organizations in the international third-party testing laboratory. Owned by the professionalism and the best equipment and test environment with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), safety (Safety), R & TTE, RoHS chemical detection capability, provide CE certification for the majority of firms, R & TTE certified, RoHS certification FCC certified, FDA certified, C-TICK Certified, E / e-MARK certification, CB certification, UL certification, ETL certification, CCC certification, REACH, SISVEL projects multinational applications for accreditation, the standard advice, testing, technical support, countermeasures, comprehensive one-stop access to certification services. Full assistance to the national manufacturers with the most cost savings, in the shortest possible time for you to provide scientific, accurate, precise, and efficient testing and certification service for your products through various barriers, rapid access to international markets

BST means  Best service of Testing
Shortcut - from your product to our laboratory will be a continuous process, in the shortest time to complete all the test items; we engineers are familiar with standard products for various changes to your program, which saves your time; We provide on-site testing services, according to your schedule to arrange the working time; professionals in the certification process, the exercise of the standard, a high degree of familiarity can quickly select the best according to customer s Tedian operating procedures and efficiency of operations accompanied by laboratory , won for the customer valuable time, a larger market. Special requests can be made to customers special fast service.
Comprehensive - enterprise service-oriented development must be customer-focused, to provide customers with timely, appropriate, the appropriate conditions of service, maximize customer satisfaction; from your need to start testing and certification, we on your side for your one-stop service to solve your product design process of all the export of technical problems, and work with you to deal with the international technical barriers.
Privacy - We follow the business the secret agreement, closely guarded trade secrets of customers, whether it is technical data, product performance, test reports. You can get more time to maintain more advantages in market competition.