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December 22, 2005 the European Commission to the WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Commission enacted the "system of pyrotechnics Commodities placing on the market of the European Parliament and Council Directive proposal "in the TBT communications (communications : G/TBT/N/EEC/97).

As outlined : the directive proposal as a pyrotechnic products must meet to put on the market for the purpose of the basic safety requirements. In order to ensure suitable for manufacturers and importers of the single market, as well as the safety of the products have significant benefits, The directive proposal on the coordination of pyrotechnic products classification, the use of standards and accreditation. The directive proposal also seeks to develop a unified EU approach provides pyrotechnic products on the safe handling and use of information.

Purpose and justification : The purpose of this proposal is to establish the Community level a comprehensive and coherent legislative framework, and to achieve the following goals by raising the minimum requirements :

* Ensure pyrotechnics products within the EU, the free flow

* Enhance consumer and professional comprehensive protection

* Helps to reduce accidents

* Coordination can be applied to different members of the security requirements.

To be approved to date and effective date : September 2006 /10 on.

Comment closing date : February 20, 2006.


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