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Recently, the Chinese shoes in the EU market prospects is very delicate. On one hand, the Chinese shoes EU anti-dumping investigations are escalating; The other hand, China shoes because of their failure to meet EU standards and testing detained or return repeated news came out. If the anti-dumping is the price, then the failure is directly aimed at testing the quality of products and safety, China is able to enter the shoes of the EU market, "the problems of life and death.


Headquarters in Brussels, the European Union is a shoe on behalf of the EU footwear manufacturers interests of the organization, its members from the 18 EU member states and five countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The federation's executive director grader Smeets to Xinhua, In addition to a standard way of footwear products tagging the Directive 94/11/CE, The EU does not have a direct view of footwear products of technical standards and regulations But many EU product safety standards and regulations apply equally to footwear products.  

Smeets to reporters a list of footwear products applicable laws of the EU list, as many as are dozens of names. In addition to general product safety requirements, the Act relates to a lot of environmental, human health, animal welfare and sustainable development issues and the use of chemicals to make a strictly limited. If the EU "ban on azo dye", "Blue dye ban", "on chemicals registration, evaluation, Licensing method "(REACH Directive), the shoe materials dyes, formaldehyde, nickel, Cadmium is so stringent requirements.

 Last month,Italian “Venomous shoes storm”, Italy is under EU 94/27/CE and other relevant directive 02/61/CE, China suspects detected nickel leather shoes, dyes, cadmium and pentachlorophenol, and other substances exceeding 4. Germany and the number of customers returned to China rubber shoes, were detected exceeding formaldehyde content.  

One familiar with the EU footwear trade of the people, told reporters that at present there is no international footwear unified technical standards. EU to comply with the Consumer Products Safety, health and environmental importance EU adopted corresponding considerable strengthening of product safety standards and environmental protection regulations and requirements of the Directive. Hence, the EU in general technical standards than Chinese national standards high. 

He emphasized that the EU has been able to develop high technical standards, European shoe is more technologically advanced enterprises, the ability to meet these standards and requirements. Moreover, as footwear is still labor-intensive industries, developing high technical standards, footwear trade can enhance the "technical barriers" protection of the labor cost advantage is not an EU footwear business interests. In recent years, with China, Vietnam and other countries the production of low-priced shoes, the impact on the EU market is becoming more and more evident The importance of technical barriers also increasingly obvious.

However, the European footwear manufacturers and did not feel satisfied.For a long time, the EU footwear enterprises in order to meet these new product technology standards and requirements, have invested technology, thus increasing costs. They demanded that the EU countries have continuously strengthened on imported shoes detection, in order to avoid "unfair competition."  

Smeets said, as import shoes rapid increase in the number of EU member states, unable to cope with the Customs, Detection members of the body will not have sufficient capacity to adequately supervised. The European Footwear Association and its affiliated associations in many development agencies have technical testing capabilities, Therefore, they will enhance the sampling of imported shoes, shoe imports to ensure compliance with EU safety, health and environmental technical standards, "thereby protecting the interests of European consumers."  

Smeets said that the European Union right shoe imports shoes will be sampling in different member countries for irregular. But he has also repeatedly stressed that the spot checks are not specifically aimed at the Chinese shoes, but mainly against the EU big footwear importer.Of course, China is the EU's largest footwear imports, the EU imports account for more than one-quarter of the total, for the detection of Chinese shoes would be "a matter of course."  

Analysts here pointed out that the EU's technical barriers and the improvement of Chinese shoes anti-dumping investigation escalated, clearly shown that the EU footwear manufacturers to import shoes from China and worried about the impact of the rebound. Faced with this situation, Chinese shoe-making enterprises, to respond aggressively to protect their legitimate rights and interests, but also find their own reasons, to enhance the quality, style and brand awareness. Only in this way can China by the "shoe-making power" into the "shoe-making power."


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