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Low Voltage Directive (LowVoltagepirective, 73/23/EEC) was enacted in 1973, for the new program (NewApproach) directive to formulate the first 20 years, and is considered the predecessor of the concept of the new program.

LVD target low-voltage equipment to ensure the safety of use. Low voltage equipment is defined as when a rated voltage of 50 to 1000 volts alternating current, the time from 75 to 1500 volts DC between the electrical equipment. Broadly speaking, the low voltage devices including consumer products and is designed to operate in this voltage range of equipment. Includes household appliances, hand tools, lighting equipment, electrical wiring, cables and pipelines, and wiring devices. This directive contains all the safety rules of this equipment, including protective risk due to mechanical causes.

LVD designated EU Member States must take the appropriate means to ensure that sales in the domestic market of electrical equipment will not endanger the safety of people and will not endanger domestic animals or property. Must be:

Equipment must be in accordance with safety rules, with a good approach to design

Installation and maintenance of equipment must be properly

Equipment must be designed for use by

If the device is recognized by all Member States to meet specific safety requirements, which is consistent with these terms. Without prejudice to other forms of proof, it can be provided by reference to standards of good design collaborative manner to prove their compliance. LVD set earlier in the CE certification mark established. CE certification mark shall be drafted by the EU in recent years, the new program instructions. Directive 93/68/EEC amended LVD, to meet the needs of the present.

According to Directive 93/68/EEC, the manufacturer or authorized representative within the European Union can draw up a declaration of compliance, additional CE mark on products, marking the line with LVD and relevant regulations.

Starting from the product to market, manufacturers need to keep the technical documentation for 10 years, the relevant units for testing purposes.

Declaration of the contents of the compliance

"Declaration of conformity," the general content available in the instructions in Appendix 3 (B) to look up. More to say, the declaration must contain:

Manufacturer or authorized representative within the EU the name and address

Description of electrical equipment

Collaborative Standard Reference

Necessary, must include the manufacturer or its authorized representative within the EU declaration of conformity, the detailed description of the reference files according to

Power of Attorney signed by the identity of

Products (for the first time) was CE marked the final year of double-digit

Declaration of conformity must be written at least one official EU language.

Content of technical documentation

Technical documentation must contain the electrical equipment design, manufacture and operation of detailed information to assess whether the facilities comply with directives for electrical.

Therefore, the file must contain:

General description of the product

Design and manufacturing plans, as well as components, sub-components, circuit diagrams, etc..

Explain the above drawings and diagrams, as well as the operation of electrical equipment documentation

Use all or part of the standard list, and part of the standard has not yet provided to meet the safety requirements solutions.

Design calculations and the results of inspection, etc.

Test Report (by the manufacturer or a third unit proposed test report)

Technical file storage units and locations?

Manufacturer or its authorized representative in the European Union, this product from the date of final manufacture, must keep this file at least 10 years for the government to test the unit for use at any time. Technology file can also be electronically stored, but only to be easy to test. If manufacturers do not have positions in the EU and no authorized representative, this responsibility belongs to the EU import market makers or responsible person.


LVD directive is the latest EU requirements as 2006/95/EC.


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