Chemical Testing

BST has the industry 's leading chemical laboratory testing equipment and a number of domestic and foreign outstanding professional engineers, to provide customers with one-stop comprehensive testing services , the scope of services to clients involved in electrical and electronics, toys, textiles, footwear, food contact materials and other industries .
BST Chemistry Laboratory of Electronic Products RoHS / PoHS / PAHs and halogen-free testing and other testing areas
With the authority of the qualifications in the field of electronic testing , BST chemical laboratory can provide RoHS, PoHS, GS and other standards compliance testing instructions for the enterprise , providing PFOS / PFOA, PAHs, halogen , bisphenol A, phthalates ester , nickel release and other control substances testing professional services.

BST chemical laboratory in the field of Toy Testing
BST chemical laboratory can be based on CPSIA (HR4040), ASTM F963, EN71, California, 65 other types of standards, provide soluble heavy metals testing , physical and mechanical testing , flammability testing, performance testing of chemical , toxic elements packaging materials test , fumaric acid dimethyl ester DMF, bisphenol A, phthalates content , formaldehyde , plasticizers , azo, plastic testing , paint testing, materials testing, and other various testing services.
BST chemical laboratory preparation areas and MSDS REACH
BST chemistry lab with professional qualifications and experience in the field of detection of toxic and hazardous substances , can provide a high degree of concern for businesses detection SVHC substances and restricted substances , safety data sheets (SDS) production, develop comprehensive solutions integrated testing services.
BST technical support in the field of chemistry lab

Provide professional regulations for you and your suppliers , testing and technical training .
About the company can provide you with environmental management and control of technical advice.
Provides the latest progress in its response to environmental regulations for you .
BST chemical laboratory equipment
BST configure the advanced detection equipment to meet the requirements of the project carried out .